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What We Do

The Center for Common Disease Research in Africa and Asia is established to provide community-based disease surveillance, and community research, and generate reliable evidence and trends as well as strategic information for public response. It is aimed to build a repository of data and strategic information. It is an Interfaith response to public-public-private for non-for-profit response to health systems strengthening in Africa and Asia.

The research center uses the primary health model of the importance of evidence-based health care delivery aimed t contributing to achieving universal health coverage. As with the primary health care approach, the center operates to provide needed evidence and data to respond to people’s common health needs throughout their lives; addressing the common determinants of health through multisectoral approach and action; and using evidence to empower vulnerable and high-risk individuals, families and communities to take charge of their own health.

The Center for Research for common disease in Africa and Asia carry out its mandate with close linkage and collaboration with the Government ministries of health, credible research institutions in Africa and Asia, Foundations, philanthropists and international donors, and multilateral organizations support health information system and informatics as well as a community response to prevention, linkage to care etc.

What the center does covers: epidemiological and disease surveillance, operational research, laboratory and diagnostic services, community research and facilities of care, monitoring and evaluation, and data repository on common diseases. The Center is, therefore, a specialized technical institution with a platform for all types of disease-related Research, sharing of data and strategic information and Knowledge, exchange of lessons learnt, build capacity The target beneficiaries of interest include every child, adolescent, young girls and boys, pregnant women, and adult men and women, in Africa and Asia. Together, we deliver advanced quality new discoveries and research with the aim of serving as the community-driven center of data generation and use.

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