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Doctor's Visit


We are working to bring the fruits of Christ's salvation to benefit mankind through the promotion of evidence-based quality of life free of diseases. 


  •  Reducing spread of diseases among the low-income population and underprivileged in North America, Africa, and Asia by engaging in active disease surveillance programs, operating research centers, engaging in data triangulation and data usage promotion etc.

  • Serving as a knowledge and data repository aimed at assisting healthcare providers in achieving more effective disease prevention, control, and treatment response among the underprivileged. 

  • Relieving poverty of individuals of low-income and underprivileged by providing food and basic healthcare.

  • Advancing education among the underprivileged by conducting research into communicable diseases and making the results publicly available.

  • Promoting health by providing the public with medical diagnostic service, in-patient or out-patient medical care, nursing, and transportation services to and from appointments.



  • Operate health awareness campaigns around common disease through electronic and print media in order educates Canadian and the world on disease vulnerability, transmission risks, and the impact of vaccine hesitancy etc. 

  • Operate food banks in Canada based on evidence of food insecurity in low-income and underprivileged persons in order to prevent malnutrition-related diseases.

  • Establish and/or operate nursing homes and caring homes for the underprivileged and geriatrics infected and affected by common diseases and pandemics so they can receive high-quality healthcare services in order to reduce morbidity and mortality.

  • Operate agencies for providing personal care, shopping assistance, and transportation services for vulnerable, handicapped, and disabled populations of Canadians in order to mitigate the impact of common diseases.

  • Conduct research into mental health, autism, communicable disease, cancers, and geriatric diseases among low-income populations in Canada and other parts of the world.

  • Monitor and mobilize the Canadian population on future pandemics and common diseases with migration potential


  •  The underprivileged and vulnerable population groups including but not limited to children, adolescents, young girls and boys in and out of school, women, pregnant women etc.

  • The low-income population includes geriatrics, migrants and refugee populations, prison inmates, inpatient, and out-patient clients etc. 

  • Donors/Financial Sustenance

  • Membership dues, subscriptions, and advertising fees from the organization’s health-related magazines, seminars etc.

  • Personal donations from the public, congregation, philanthropist, private sectors, and governments

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