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The functions of the secretariat shall be as follows:
Our focus
  • Reducing spread of diseases among the low-income population and underprivileged in North America, Africa, and Asia by engaging in active disease surveillance programs, operating research centers, engaging in data triangulation and data usage promotion etc.

  • Serving as a knowledge and data repository aimed at assisting health care providers in achieving more effective disease prevention, control, and treatment response among the underprivileged. 

  • Relieving poverty of individuals of low-income and underprivileged by providing food and basic healthcare.

  • Advancing education among the underprivileged by conducting research into communicable diseases and making the results publicly available.

  • Promoting health by providing the public with medical diagnostic service, in-patient or out-patient medical care, nursing, and transportation services to and from appointments.

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Food Donation Volunteers
  • Operate health magazines that educates the public on disease vulnerability, transmission risks, and impact of vaccine hesitancy etc. 

  • Operate food banks to cater for low-income and underprivileged persons.

  •  Establish and/or operate nursing homes for underprivileged and caring homes where geriatrics can receive basic healthcare services.

  • Operate agencies for providing personal care, shopping assistance, transportation services.

  • Conduct research into mental health, autism, communicable disease, and geriatric diseases among low-income population.

  • Data Repository

  • Training facility for community gate keepers

Service beneficiaries
  • The underprivileged and vulnerable population groups including but not limited to children, adolescents, young girls and boys in and out of school, women, pregnant women etc.

  • The low-income population including geriatrics, migrants and refuge populations, prison inmates, inpatient, and out-patient clients etc.

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Operational Delivery Structure

The design of the operational delivery of the secretariat are:

Asian man getting vaccinated

Triage room for infection control

Physiotherapists Training

Training center

Eye Checkup

Diagnostic and therapeutic care for HIV/AIDS, Typhoid, Viral infections, liver disease, prostrate disease, renal disease and emerging disease

Doctor with Mammography

Digital radiograph, automatic Bio analysis


Research laboratory services: Etiological detection, Light and dark room Field Microbiology, automated chemical analysis, using self-built methods, CD4, PCR Viral Load, Biosafety Laboratory


Sample storage system-Fridges, deep freezer​​

Disposable Mask

Public Health Waste disposal system

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