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Governing Board

The Governing Board of the Center for Common Diseases in Africa and Asia provides the overall strategic guidance to the center, in accordance with Christ doctrines, policies and procedures to support humanity and services. It examines the decisions and/or proposals submitted by the center, and submit its recommendations to the Specialised Research Institute Advisory council. It further ensures that the centers strategic agenda of research, disease surveillance, detection and response are integrated into inter-continental development strategy.

Scientific Advisory & Technical Council

The role of the Scientific Advisory and Technical Council is to advise on emerging issues and other related matters of disease control and prevention. It further provides advisory on the strategic plans and activities of the center; advocacy and resources mobilization. Furthermore the council provides guidance on disease surveillance, detection and response on the two Continents. Additionally, it provides insight into the research and study areas and merits of the scientific work of the center. The members are seasoned multi-disciplinary scientist and research experts globally.

Regional Collaborating Centres

The Center for Research and Common Disease in Africa and Asia has sub-regional Centres in Africa and Asia aimed at closer collaboration with National, regional, continental and Global centers across the world. The collaborating centers are high impact interdisciplinary research and data repository points.

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