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Collaborating Centers

Potential Regional

Collaborating Centers

The center will be decentralized into sub-regional Centres in Africa and Asia to as technical support institutions that work closely with National, regional, continental and Global centers across the two continents. The centers will develop into specialized centers in order to accelerating our high-impact, interdisciplinary research and collaborative activities as follows:

Center for Childhood Disease Research

Developing innovative treatments to maximize well-being and quality of life for of childhood killer disease. The center will working with families, communities, schools and healthcare providers to translate research findings into action for benefit of improving quality of live.

Center for Quality of Care Research for Doctors and Nurses

Designed specifically for nurses, this center advances clinical practice-focused research among nurses in order to improve quality of care. Its aim to transform research into therapies that doctors and patients can use in daily life. This center’s responsibility is to use available evident to support patient care at the health facility. It will also link physicians, researchers and policymakers to advance the knowledge and practice of bioethics. It is also designed to prevent hospital based acquired infections during period of hospitalization

Center for Infectious Disease Research

Translating basic biology into new ways to diagnose, treat and prevent global infectious diseases.

Center for Immunity and Immunotherapies

Harnessing the power of the immune system to target life-threatening diseases.

Center for Science-Industry Partnerships

Partnering with companies, research institutes to transform the work of our researchers into innovative products, devices and medical technologies.

Center for Scientific Research Education

Collaborating to provide educational experiences and access to authentic scientific research for students of all ages.

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